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Training, Orientation & Professional Development

We are committed to education—including yours! Our comprehensive training, orientation and professional development programs include pre-hire and post-hire elements.

As a Kelly Educational Staffing instructional employee, you’ll complete a thorough free pre-hire mandatory online training program through our exclusive TeacherMatch® Smart Practices™ professional development series for substitute teachers and assistants, so you can be assured you will always have the insights and skills you need to succeed in the classroom. 

After successfully completing the hiring process, you will also receive paid orientation on employment and district policies and procedures so that you know exactly what to expect and what’s expected of you. 

Additionally, KES and TeacherMatch have developed free professional development modules customized specifically for substitute teachers. You will also have free access to the Kelly Learning Center™, our exclusive online training portal containing more than 6,000 self-paced or facilitated career development courses, as well 55,000 ebooks and publications.

Free, ongoing professional development modules:
As part of preparation for potential employment as a substitute educator, Kelly Educational Staffing (KES) offers free online professional development from Smart Practices.

SMART BEHAVIORS: helps substitute teachers create a positive learning environment to support students through advanced classroom management techniques
SMART SKILLS: helps substitute teachers understand how students learn to engage them in higher-order thinking through instructions and analysis